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Burntisland Shipyard 1-1 Berwick Rangers Reserves

All square in first friendly.

The Shipyard got their pre-season programme underway on Thursday night with a 1-1 draw against Berwick Rangers Reserves at Recreation Park. Charlie Simpson and Reece Bernard made their debuts as they pulled on a Shipyard strip for the first time.

Shippy keeper Ryan Adamson saved an early penalty given for handball, on the advice of the assistant, as the game remained goalless for the first 45 minutes. The visitors took the lead after 51 minutes; however, it did not take the Shippy too long to get back on level terms as Sam Glancy smashed an unstoppable effort into the net. Glancy almost got another late on but agonisingly for him his shot hit the inside of post and spun away for a goal kick despite Tam Graham’s best efforts to knock home the loose ball.

Burntisland Shipyard: R. Adamson; S. Powrie; R. O’Donnell; R. Lennie; T. Graham; C. Simpson; R. Kinnaird; C. McAulay; J. Martin; R. Bernard; Jor. Galloway; R. Connor; Jon. Galloway; R. Brown; S. Strang; D. Anderson; P. Bell; S. Glancy; S. Innes.

Referee: B. Dickson.