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Club Safety Officer – Job Description

Burntisland Shipyard



 In relation to Football Ground and Matches played there,  the Club Safety Officer will be responsible for the following:

 1. Liaising with Supporters and the Supporters Club as and when required.

2. Liaising with the Police, Stewarding Contractor, Fire Service, Ambulance and First Aiders, and Council Representative regarding match and event arrangements at Recreation Park, Burntisland.

3. Ensuring the Match Referee and his/her Assistants are fully aware of the safety procedures practised within Recreation Park, Burntisland in the event of an incident occurring.

4. Contacting Officials of opposing Clubs with regard to the likely numbers of Burntisland Shipyard Supporters travelling to an away match and also the likely number of opposing fans travelling to Recreation Park, Burntisland.  On the basis of the information obtained, the postholder will recommend travel routes, car and coach parking arrangements etc to opposing Clubs by contacting their Secretary or Safety Officer and, where necessary, publishing the relevant information on the Club Website and also informing the Media.

5.  Overseeing and co-ordinating the operations within Recreation Park, Burntisland on match/event days (to the satisfaction of the Police when .involved).

6. Carrying out a ‘walk’ around the Ground prior to any event to check for any potential hazards including combustible material, potential missiles like stones, broken Advertising Boards etc.,   Where any such hazards are found, arrangements are made  for a member of the Club Staff to remove or make safe the relevant item(s).

After carrying out this exercise the Match-Day Checklist held by the Club Secretary should be completed and kept available for inspection should this be requested by Police Representatives.

7. Convening and attending a Meeting with the Police and the Stewards to discuss the Match-day arrangements, where there is likely to be a larger than normal home crowd e.g. a Scottish Cup match

8. Updating the Club’s ‘Contingency Plans ‘to reflect changes to Recreation Park, Burntisland or changes in legislation.

9. Appointing sufficient Stewards to cover the likely attendance at any given game, ensuring that these Stewards are appropriately dressed( Hi-Vis uniforms), and  made aware of their duties and dealing with feed back during and after the match.

10. Dealing with any complaints arising from Match-day operations.

11. Liaising with the Club Secretary to ensure that all Photographers and TV Broadcasters operate in a safe manner. In particular the Safety Officer will ensure that any Scaffolding built to house TV cameras is built safely and poses no danger to the Spectators.

12. Remaining alert to and taking appropriate action where there is anti-social behaviour at matches at Recreation Park, Burntisland, e.g. excessive foul language, and racial or religious abuse.

13. Working closely with the various Authorities i.e. Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Medical and the Council and taking the necessary action to accommodate any changes which might have a bearing on the running of Recreation Park, Burntisland.

14. Dealing with the Health & Safety procedures at the Club by way of advising and training Staff and formulating Method Statements for the carrying out of basic procedures.

15. Providing basic induction to new members of Staff/Helpers on the Match day and non-Match day procedures in the event of fire and general safety.

16. Assisting in the Fire Assessment survey of the Ground which houses the Boardroom and Changing Facilities.

Burntisland Shipyard AFC September 2015