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Disciplinary Policy

Burntisland Shipyard

Burntisland Shipyard A.F.C             

Disciplinary Policy


This policy is intended to help everyone associated with the Club to achieve and maintain proper standards of conduct. (See Code of Conduct).

It is expected that any breaches of the Code of Conduct will dealt with at first hand and that the desired improvements will be obtained through informal dialogue.

From time to time, however, there may be occasions where it is perceived that there has been either ongoing disregard to club expectations or, alternatively, a very serious disregard in relation to expected behaviour. In such situations the matter should be referred to the Club Committee for appropriate consideration and action.


Serious or habitual misconduct should be reported to a member of the Club’s Committee for appropriate action. Arrangements will be made by the Club Chairman, or in his absence, one of the other Office Bearers, for the matter in question to be investigated and, subsequently, reported to the Club Committee.

It is important to ensure that a fair process applies and that the person/s reported for the misconduct is advised of the matter, given a chance to state their side of the case and kept advised of progress in respect of investigation and then consideration by the Club Committee.  It will be the responsibility of the person nominated to conduct the investigation, normally a Club Coach or Committee Member, to ensure that this liaison takes place.

The nominated investigator will compile a report on the findings of the investigation, including the names of any witnesses providing evidence in the case, and submit this to the Committee, along with a recommended course of action for consideration by the Committee.

The Committee will meet to consider the matter, giving opportunity for the accused individual or their representative to present their side of the case, calling witnesses for clarification purposes, if necessary, and, following deliberation, will make a decision on the action to be taken. (Where a committee member is the subject of the investigation he/she will be excluded from any deliberations and decision-making on the case).

Potential Outcomes

The potential outcomes are wide and varied and will depend on the actual incident/s and circumstances but may include

  • the matter being dismissed without further action
  • offers of counselling,
  • formal warnings in respect of future behaviour
  • temporary suspension from the Club and its facilities
  • indefinite suspension from the Club and its facilities
  • demotion or dismissal


Right of Appeal

In continuing the Club’s desire for fairness, anyone subject to sanctions applied by the Club Committee will have the right of appeal.


Burntisland Shipyard AFC   September 2015