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Equity Policy

Burntisland Shipyard

Burntisland Shipyard A.F.C.

Equity Policy


Burntisland Shipyard A.F.C. is committed to ensuring that equity is incorporated across all aspects of its operations and development.

The Club recognises the importance of affording fair and equitable treatment to everyone and is determined to ensure that a genuine opportunity to participate at all levels in the club is available to everyone, regardless of disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief.

The Club believes in respect and fairness and recognises every individual’s rights, dignity and worth. It is committed to ensuring that everyone can enjoy their sport free from the threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse. It will seek to recognise any inequalities and take the necessary steps to address these, understanding that this may require changes in culture and structure.

All those associated with the Club have a responsibility to oppose any discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity.

The Club will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour, seriously, and in accordance with its Disciplinary Procedure.

Burntisland Shipyard AFC   September 2015