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Manager praises his team despite cup defeat

In the aftermath of the cup tie at Inverurie Myles gave his views on his team’s performance and was upbeat when he said “While it’s never enjoyable to lose and get knocked out a cup, the performance was very good.  The game plan was to keep it tight for as long as possible with a view to being more adventurous later in the game if necessary. We knew that they would play pretty direct and we’d worked on preventing any space in behind our back line. Obviously this meant that we sat quite deep but we were happy enough to do that and we kept their chances to a minimum other than long range efforts. There were two decent shouts for penalties when the score was 0-0 and the push on Grant Blyth in particular looked an absolute stonewaller to me”.
One negative that Myles picked up on was the first goal when he pointed out “I do think we could have defended their opening goal a bit better and it’s a great lesson for everyone here that teams at that level will punish the slightest mistake”. That seemed to be the only blemish on the performance as he went on to praise his players saying “It’s a credit to our guys that after Inverurie got their second, we didn’t cave in and we kept trying to do the right thing and it’s a shame they got a third in injury time as I didn’t think we deserved that. The main problem we had was that having stayed in the game going into the last 20 minutes when I’m looking to make an attacking substitution I couldn’t due to the three injuries from earlier.
I said before the game that when you are the underdog in a game of football you need three things to happen in order to cause an upset. Your opponent to play below their best, your own side to play as well as they can plus a large slice of luck. I can’t speak for Inverurie as to whether they were at their best or not but I couldn’t ask any more from our players. But when you look at the potential penalties on top of three injuries in the first hour, then it’s clear we didn’t have much luck”.

Vice President Impressed.

Praise for the team’s performance also came from the Vice President of the SFA who was in attendance, Alan McRae said “The team has certainly improved since I seen them two years ago. I was particularly impressed with the captain (Brendan Napier) he had a very good game.”