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Unacceptable Conduct Policy



Burntisland Shipyard FC is committed to making participation in the club’s activities as a player, spectator, official or in any other capacity a pleasant and fulfilling experience.

In order to ensure this, the club has defined unacceptable behaviours which will not be tolerated during matches (home or away) and any other club activity.

Unacceptable Behaviour

All types of violent, offensive or disorderly conduct are unacceptable. The following examples are not all-inclusive and are provided for guidance.

Violent Conduct

Violent conduct includes any actual, attempted or threatened violence towards persons or property.

Offensive Behaviour

Offensive behaviour includes any actions that are designed to, or negligently results in, distress to others. This includes:

Use of foul or abusive language (verbal or written);

Discriminatory behaviours based on a person’s religion, gender, colour, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disability.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct includes any actions not considered to be violent or offensive but which result in discomfort to anyone participating in the club’s activities. This can include intoxication, aggression or confrontation resulting in distress to others.

The Club’s Responsibility

Burntisland Shipyard FC will not tolerate any unacceptable behaviour.

Anyone who witnesses or is affected by unacceptable behaviour should report this to any club official. Club officials (individually or collectively) have authority to deal immediately to stop or mitigate unacceptable behaviour.

All such instances must be referred to the Committee.

Unacceptable behaviour by players, staff and officials of the club will be addressed by the club’s disciplinary procedures;

Unacceptable behaviour by spectators may result in a warning or a ban from attending matches either temporarily or permanently;

Extreme behaviour should be referred to the police and consideration should be given to seeking a banning order.

Burntisland Shipyard FC September 2023