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Set the Standards


Every member of staff and volunteer at the club will be asked to sign up to the following standards, outlining the behaviour, expectations and requirements of Club staff and volunteers working or volunteering with children and young people. 

Creating an environment where children and young people are respected, their rights are promoted, and they are supported to have fun, learn, and develop in a safe environment is essential to inspire them to love the game.  To achieve this goal the Club expects its staff and volunteers to embody the Wellbeing and Protection Values – Inclusive, Empowering, Approachable and Accountable – to create a positive football environment, and by displaying exemplary behaviour and implementing practices that make football a safe, fun, and positive experience for all children and young people involved.  

On and off the pitch, I will:
Make football a fun and enjoyable experience where everyone is involved 
Always show respect to everyone involved in the game
Encourage children and young people to be respectful to everyone involved in the game
Appreciate the importance of everyone involved in the game
Be proud of being part of the same ‘team’ and encourage others to be proud of their
Be a positive role model by:
Leading with enthusiasm and encouragement
Never engaging in, or tolerating, offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour whether in person or online
Being gracious in victory and defeat
Challenging and reporting behaviour that does not meet the standards expected  
When working with children and young people, I will:
Treat all children and young people equally with respect, dignity, honesty, sensitivity and fairness 
Promote the best interests of the young person and put their wellbeing before winning or achieving performance goals
Promote and protect the rights of all children and ensure that children and young people are aware of their rights  
Never have favourites but praise children and young people that demonstrate commitment, positive attitude and good behaviour
Consult with children and young people allowing them the chance to be heard by having a ‘door open’ approach
Allow young people the right of being involved in decisions affecting them
Always listen to and act upon any concerns raised by a child or young person  

Sign up:

I confirm that I have read and agree to abide by the Club’s Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy including the Policy Statement, Procedures and all associated Practice Notes.

I agree to abide and demonstrate the Club’s Wellbeing and Protection Values.

I understand that a breach of the Child Wellbeing and Protection Policy will be taken seriously and will be responded to in line with the Responding to Concerns Procedure and, where applicable, the Club’s Disciplinary Procedure.

Witnessed by: